image of John Gamache and one of his paintings

John’s early training was completed at the Swain School of Design in New Bedford, Massachusetts and at Southeastern Massachusetts University. He spent many years after, working as a freelance illustrator and designer for advertising agencies, publishing companies and corporations. Within the last several years he has returned to show his personal works to the public. He considers his artistic schooling to have been “intensely” classical, and acknowledges that the creating of art is intertwined with his life. “So I guess you could say that I’m in ‘school’ everyday,” he jokes. “And yes, I suppose I will graduate someday.” John works in a traditional style of painting, but is unconventional in the application and type of surface materials he uses in some of his works. This merge of the two medias form a synergy of unique visual appeal.

His current body of work utilizes his style to create fascinating pieces reminiscent of his past artistic influences. His box pieces—tributes to artists whose works he grew up with—made a large impression on how he now views his emotional and creative links to the past.

John currently enjoys living and working in St Augustine, Florida.
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